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What people are saying about Damian and Sarkis.

As a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in many modalities and trainings, I am super impressed with Damien’s ability to set powerful context and hold the group energy with a grounded strength that brings a sense of safety and openness. Over the 22 months I have had the privilege of participating weekly in his Refining your Facilitation Skills group I continue to be impressed by both his skill and his ability to greet a wide variety of people with curiosity and compassion without the sense that anything needs to be fixed or changed. Breaking this pattern of trying to fix or change another that my many years of training and practice as a psychotherapist immersed me in was a very difficult habit to break. Yet I have discovered rich rewards both personally and working with clients and groups with this practice. Paradoxically, this focus on not needing to fix or change anything or anyone, rather simply staying with present moment awareness, has lead to great inner transformation and a greater sense of wholeness. Damien was invaluable in patiently supporting me in shifting this behavior. Not surprisingly, from this inner shift my professional work has benefited greatly.
His last training was about introducing new people to the practice of circling. I immediately took the new skills and practices back to my Wild Hearts group with instant success. The level of intimacy and connection rose. It was a joy to watch a member yesterday finally grok the practice viscerally. She reported feeling deeply heard and moved into a place of calm after exploring a significant challenge.
I have a practice on Thanksgiving of thanking the five people that have supported me the most throughout the year. Damien made that list. Attending his facilitation group is a highlight of my week. I honor all the inner work and training I imagine he has done in order to become such a skillful facilitator. Savannah Hanson, MFT #40422

During the pandemic I decided to try online circling. One of the first circles I participated in was facilitated by Damian, and I was immediately won over by the seriousness of his approach. I was especially impressed by how he (in the jargon of circling) “uses all the channels” to recognize and allow for the experience of the other. One of his strong suits is his capacity to bring nonverbal expression into conscious awareness. Here’s an example. I remember him saying to one circlee, “And I notice that you’ve got your hand on your heart as you’re saying [such and such], and I’m wondering what it’s like for you when you put your hand on your heart as you say that.” I hadn’t noticed that this circlee had put her hand on her heart for a few seconds during a minute long response, and even if I had noticed the gesture, it never would have occurred to me to ask about it. But once Damian received that aspect of her expression it was like opening a floodgate. Everyone in the circle learned this as she narrated with fresh energy and new passion how she was putting her shifting world together in those moments when her hands had gone to her heart. During the dozens of hours I’ve spent in Damian’s circles, I’ve watched equally impressive facilitation occur regularly. I look forward to continuing to learn from Damian as he experiments with his offerings. If you’re considering attending one, I hope to perhaps meet you there. Jack Hart (Host NVCpractice.com Podcast)
The NVCpractice.com Podcast
“My session with Sarkis came at exactly the right time.  Sarkis creates/holds an incredibly safe space, and his message is delivered in a direct yet gentle manner.  His work is totally on point.  He was able to sense and see the current transformation I’ve been going through, plus give me guidance on how to navigate it all.  I felt seen at a core level, a root level, and reminded of who I truly am and what my work is in the world. Thank you!” ~ Aubrey Stephenson (San Diego, CA)

“Damian has profound understanding and awareness of the principles and practices of Circling and Authentic relating – presence, ownership, revealing, welcoming everything, a willingness to challenge assumptions and to honor self and others – and imparts them with clarity and vitality. But it isn’t just book knowledge: Damian effortlessly embodies the principles in his leadership and teaching as well as in his own life. His focused skill and way of being as he leads circling and authentic relating experiences have provided me myriad opportunities for aha moments and personal growth in real time as well as significant improvement in my relationship to myself and others as the experiences and teachings percolate over time. That’s why I believe Damian to be a true relational Jedi”.

Steven Libowitz

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