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Damian and Sarkis have over 20 years combined experience studying, practicing and teaching about the dynamics of relating.

Damian is passionate about exploring the different aspects of relating and holds a strong value on leading with vulnerability. Click here to learn more about Damian.

Sarkis is dedicated to understanding the nature of consciousness, and through this understanding, helping people deepen intimacy and clarify connection in all of their relationships. Click here to learn more about Sarkis.

The Circling Spaceship is a unique program designed around the practice of Circling, with an emphasis on Self Study and Relational skill building. We offer experiential programs that cultivate a greater sense of self and develop skills to deepen the ability to relate with others.

TCS Core Values


Holding an awareness of what is happening right now in myself, while also attuning to others and the group field. Letting attention be congruent with the immediacy of my experience.

Relational Presence – Being relational is a present moment encounter that allows for an experience of being truly seen and connected with other people.


Showing up as myself, sharing what is real and true, even if it’s uncomfortable.

Authenticity creates more connection, intimacy, and satisfaction in relationships.

When we are real with each other we can start to illuminate the layers of our experience that often hold us back from truly connecting with others.


Being with what is. Letting go of what I think I know and paying attention to what is actually happening now. When we put attention on an individual in a group experience, the intelligence of that individual is naturally reflected in the group field.

We don’t have to generate experience. Emergence allows for experience to arise effortlessly, all on it’s own.

Self Study

Self-Study is a living process of Inquiry, and the prerequisite to healthy, conscious relationships.

When we study the nature of our own experience, we tend to eventually see and take responsibility for the choices we make in our lives.

If I’m not aware I’m doing something how can I be empowered to make a different choice?!


We are social creatures; our Nervous System requires connection and co-regulation as basic needs for survival. Because Circling is a communal/group experience, it is important to tend to our awareness of the group field and know our place in it.

If you want to participate with the Divine in being a co-author of your life, pay attention to all the CO’s in your life: COmmunity, COmmunication, COnnection…



Intending genuine care and compassion for ourselves and others.

Holding a space of kindness creates a sense of safety, which allows for more connection and is the foundation for most satisfying relational interactions.

Without Kindness, Circling (or any self-reflective process) becomes just another sophisticated way to judge ourselves and others.

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