Circling Programs

"The Circling Spaceship is a vehicle for transformation"

Led by Damian and Sarkis, this is a 3 day in person Circling workshop. Located in Boulder, CO. Get real with your emotions, sensations and in-the-moment experience. This Intensive is designed to be an immersive journey into the relational field. Experience Co-Regulation. Be witnessed by your cohort. Create meaningful connections and learn about Circling. For more detailed information click HERE.

Learn how to Circle. An eight week program for community building and self-exploration. This program is geared towards experiencing, practicing, and integrating the skills of Circling. Circling for all levels from beginner to experienced. This is our entry level training. Learn all the Essence pieces of Circling and how to embody these elements into your everyday life. Click here to learn more.

For experienced Circlers and Facilitators ready to take their skills to the next level. This curriculum covers Context setting, getting to know the essence pieces of Circling, channels and much more.

Schedule an event or Workshop for your business. Shift your workplace environment into a place where collegues can connect and relate to each other on a relational level. Bringing more enjoyment and job satisfaction to your workplace. Teach your team how to connect on a relational level with their clients and colleagues.

This Workshop is in Partnership with FireTenders ( a mens group organization. Designed to to teach men the fundamentals of Circling.

We value connection

Our goal is to help people create deeper and more meaningful relationships in their lives. Living from a place of inner freedom and choice rather than suffering and fear.

We believe the process of self discovery leads to people experiencing more freedom in their lives. We refer to this process as “Assisted Self Study”

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