Circling Programs

"The Circling Spaceship is a vehicle for transformation"

Led by Damian and Sarkis, this is a 3 day in person Circling workshop. Located in Boulder, CO. Get real with your emotions, sensations and in-the-moment experience. This Intensive is designed to be an immersive journey into the relational field. Experience Co-Regulation. Be witnessed by your cohort. Create meaningful connections and learn about Circling. For more detailed information click below.

The Circling Facilitation training is a 9-month program that focuses on relational leadership and circling facilitation. Participants learn to work with their cohort, develop relational skills, and become skilled circlers. They also gain deep listening skills and critical communication skills while developing a deeper understanding of themselves. The program empowers participants to lead effective and meaningful circling sessions, becoming compassionate leaders in both their personal and professional lives.


We value connection

Our goal is to help people create deeper and more meaningful relationships in their lives. Living from a place of inner freedom and choice rather than suffering and fear.

We believe the process of self discovery leads to people experiencing more freedom in their lives. We refer to this process as “Assisted Self Study”

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