Damian Gallagher

Damian Gallagher has a passion for people and exploring what is available in every moment. He is driven by his desire for connected and meaningful relationships, and to support others in their own exploration of relating. He has over 8 years experience leading Relational Work and has facilitated hundreds of events. Damian has a private practice as a Circling Coach, Trainer and Somatic Practitioner. Damian is the Membership Director and a lead facilitator for Fire Tenders mens group organizations (Firetenders.org). As a lead trainer at the Connection Institute, he teaches facilitation skill building with the main focus on Circling as the base curriculum. Damian uses Circling, Hakomi (a mindfulness based, somatic form of psychotherapy), and ICF Coaching methodology in his one to one and group work sessions. Creating an environment for deep listening and emotional processing of unmet childhood needs, trauma’s, beliefs and defenses that no longer serve in their current form.

Damian’s Current Positions:
– Lead Facilitator and Membership Director for FireTenders.org (men’s group organization)
– Lead Trainer at the Connection institute
– Facilitator on Authentic Revolution’s COnnect Platform
– Somatic Practitioner

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