What is Circling?

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Intersubjective Meditation

Circling is a relational practice designed to put attention on one person (the Receiver) for the purpose of understanding their experience more.
Circling is different from coaching or therapy in that it has no agenda to fix, heal, correct, or alter the Receiver’s experience in any way. The main intention is to learn about their inner world, and aim to be in it with them.


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Circling and Relating

What makes Circling a relational practice is that, as we are with the Receiver in their experience, we are offering them real-time reflections from our own experience of what it’s like to be with them.
This process functions as a kind of instantaneous bio-feedback where the Receiver gets to see the impact of how they are on other people, which, paradoxically, tends to initiate deep healing and transformation for the Receiver.

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Self Awareness

In the most basic sense, Circling is a way that we can see ourselves through being in conscious relationship with other people, and becoming aware of ourselves is the most fundamental catalyst in all healing modalities and spiritual traditions.

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